What is an IQ Test?

Einstein IQ TestThe IQ, which stands for intelligence quotient, is essentially a score that is used to determine how smart a person is in comparison to the rest of the population. Of course, an IQ Test is not 100% accurate and merely makes an attempt, like any standardized test, to make a correct measurement. This measurement is the resulting IQ score, and these scores are often used as the basis of knowing whether a person is smart, or an all out genius. Most of the time these scores seem to represent a correct measurement of intelligence, making them very interesting to those wishing to know how they stack up in comparison to the greatest minds of all time or just the average person.

The average IQ score is said to be approximately 100. Of course, this is subject to variability over time, and is anything but a steadfast rule of thumb. However, if you take an IQ quiz and score above 100, most people will agree that is above average. After all, IQ tests tend to be renormalized over time to ensure the average IQ score remains around the 100 mark. In this way IQ quizzes maintain a basic score normalization that allows for a better comparison historically.