Are IQ Quizzes Legitimate?

IQ Quiz Accurate?You might wonder whether or not IQ quizzes are even legitimate, and rightly so. After all, how can you really assign a score to someone's intelligence from simply giving them a test? From the definition of a quiz, this seems completely impossible. And to some extent, it has to be impossible. However, what you can do with a test is compare the results of one person to those of everyone else, and that is where the value is derived. The IQ quiz gives society a way to compare people to one another and thus give you a general idea of where you stand. Are IQ tests 100% accurate? No way! Are they helpful for getting a general idea of how smart you are? Definitely! But, there are still going to be flukes, so you may want to take multiple tests multiple times to really get a good idea of where you stand.

So what about taking a test that actually gives you decent results? What about finding a test that is at least somewhat legitimate? Well, the one we offer here is definitely helpful in that regard, as well as quick and easy to take. So, hopefully you will find it to be just what you are looking for!