IQ Quiz Results = Genius?

Genius EinsteinSo you got an IQ score from taking our IQ test, and now you want to know if you're a genius? Well, the general rule of thumb is that a score of 140 or higher means you are a genius or close to it. However, there are also different levels of being a genius once you happen to be one. You start off at the level of, say, a multivariable calculus professor in college. Then, if your score reaches the 155 mark, your level on the genius scale rises to that of, for example, a Nobel Prize winner. This level continues on up until you reach a score of 165, at which point you become an even higher genius. This "high genius" level maintains up until the score of 180, at which point the person surpasses essentially all other geniuses to become the highest genius. However, people have scored higher, which brings us to the final level. A score of 200 or better brings us to a such an extreme level that we consider someone who scores that high to be an unmeasurable genius. One example of this is Mr. Steven Hawking. To put this in a little better perspective, Einstein's IQ was around 160.