IQ Genius Ethics

Stephen Hawking IQ GeniusSo you are a genius, but do you have an ethical responsibility with your well above average brain power? Some would say yes, and some would say no, but society as a whole would tend to agree that you do. You owe it not only to society, but to yourself as well. Otherwise, you may find yourself wondering where you really fit in, and whether you really have a purpose. Instead, use your brain power for righteous causes, or at least those within the bounds of the law. Maximize your potential, don't leave it untapped. A mind left unused is a mind that may as well have not existed to begin with.

However, just because you took an IQ test and got a score may not necessarily mean you are a true genius. A simple IQ score isn't going to change who you are or who you have already been. Don't let an IQ quiz change your life. If anything, let it boost your confidence, and help ensure you make the right decisions in life.