Using Your Intelligence

Using Your IQ In LifeNow that you know you have extreme intelligence, you need to use it! There are so many ways to contribute to your own well being and to the well being of others, that you should not have any trouble finding something you love to do. Whether your goal is economic prosperity, performing intricate surgeries, or solving the mystery of the universe, you can do it and help society along the way. Starting a successful technology company would provide economic help to those involved in the organization and potentially a whole lot more people depending on the chain of effects the said technology may have on society as a whole. Anything you put your mind to could happen, and benefit a whole lot more people than only yourself.

You owe it to yourself and everyone in society to put your brilliant mind to work in any great way imaginable! Don't spend one more second wondering if you should use your amazing gift. Rather, get off your butt and get your brain to work! The sooner you do it, the sooner you'll thank me. If the IQ test was a wakeup call, great! You are finally aware of your full potential, and now it's time to take full advantage of it.