Is My IQ Score Good?

Good IQ Score?To consider something to be "good" is a pretty subjective matter. What is "good" in the eyes of one person could be bad in the eyes of another. Thus, for the purpose of this page we will consider anything to be "good" if it is above average. The average IQ score is approximately 100. Due to the intelligence of the average person in the world continuously increasing, the IQ test and its score distribution has to be continuously renormalized in order to keep the average score near the 100 mark.

All of this may seem somewhat confusing, but the general idea is that if you score above 100, you are scoring above average. But what if you score 101 on an IQ quiz? Is that really any better than 100? Well, the answer is yes and no. To give you a better idea of whether your score is "good", we have compiled the following list of scores and what they mean:

  • 140+ = Genius or Close
  • 120 - 140 = Greater Superior Intelligence
  • 110 - 119 = Superior Intelligence
  • 90 - 109 = Average Intelligence
  • 80 - 89 = Dull Intellectual Capacity
  • 70 - 79 = Questionable Dumbness
  • -70 = Just Plain Stupid