How IQ Tests Work

IQ Tests BrainAn IQ quiz measures your intelligence in a similar manner to any standardized test. You are presented with a number of questions which test all sorts of brain functions, across a wide variety of general subjects. Of course, these questions are not so specific that you need to know anything beyond generally accepted intellectual studies. Otherwise, the test would not be accurate. Math and pattern identication capabilities are only a couple of those intellectual fields you will typically be tested on. In the end, your IQ score will reflect the number of questions you answered correctly in comparison to the rest of the population. The score will be calculated based on a bell curve that is renormalized every so often to account for changes in the intelligence of society as a whole.

Although taking IQ quizzes may sound somewhat intimidating, it is nothing to be scared of. Even if the nerves get to you the first time, you can always take an IQ test over again, and average out your scores. Or, if you think you had a fluke, you could just consider the test you took in a more relaxed state of mind as your true score. Whatever you would like to do you can do, because you're in charge of deciding whether or not you even take this test in the first place! So what are you waiting for? See how you stack up against the average IQ score by taking an IQ test today!