Am I Really That Smart?

Genius Brain or Not?So as far as you know you are a genius. The question now becomes, are you really that smart? The answer isn't an easy one. First off, it's possible you aren't a genius at all. It's possible the IQ test results you got were a fluke. Your IQ score may have been higher than it should have been for a whole number of reasons including a bad quiz, sheer luck, and so on. A better way to be sure about whether you have an accurate score is to take a number of different IQ quizzes and take each of these IQ tests a number of different times. This is your best bet at ensuring you are really meeting the genius IQ cut.

But, say you're as sure as you could possibly be that you made the genius cut with your IQ quiz results. Even then, are you really that smart? Well, that depends on what we're talking about here. Some people are smart academically, and some people have street smarts. Some people may be smart in a business setting, but lose all their intuition when it comes to cooking a meal. It is for reaons like this that measuring intelligence is a terribly subjective field. However, in terms of the mind's ability to solve problems on a very general level, the IQ test is decently accurate, and, to cut a long story short, odds are that yes, you really are THAT smart. Now take your brain and go use it!